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started by: MethodOne

Posted by MethodOne on Sep. 04 2005,22:03
The problem started when I downloaded the < static build of zbattle.net >.  When i started zbattle.net, I put in my nickname, ROM directory, and ZSNES directory.  I was able to find a game I wanted to play. After I joined, it checked the CRC32 checksum of my ROMs.  When the other player started the game, the ZSNES binary included with zbattle.net launched.  I tried to connect to the other player, but it failed.  My connection is a dial-up connection transferred to my DSL box using Windows Internet Connection Sharing.  By the way, I have a frugal install of DSL 1.4 on it.  My host computer is a laptop with Windows XP Pro SP2.
Posted by MethodOne on Sep. 06 2005,02:52
I just found out that the problem was Windows ICS.  Here's a quote from the < ZSNES forums > about netplay and ICS:
If you are using Windows Internet Connection sharing, this document won't help you. I may update it in the future with details on ICS. For the time being, either get a real router (I recommend Netgear) or use the computer that's connected directly to the modem, or even move the modem to the computer of your choice. ICS may be fine for web browsing and email and port forwarding is possible, but ICS introduces an inordinate amount of lag that other routers do not and it will not give you a very good netplay experience.

That's for those who are using ICS with their DSL systems.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 06 2005,03:05
thanks for sharing..


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