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started by: SuperLou

Posted by SuperLou on Sep. 14 2005,15:07
Will someone make me a game where you pick which os you want to boot, and then you must battle it out in the bios arena against the other os's mascots installed on your comp to see which gets booted?
Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Sep. 14 2005,15:17
I could make you that game, but it would consist mostly of cardboard cutouts and 20 sided dice.
Posted by SuperLou on Sep. 14 2005,17:04
As long as they are lifesize cutout.  And I get to warn stormtrooper armor.
Posted by AwPhuch on Sep. 21 2005,18:35
You guys smoking crack again??

Dont fall off the wagon guys!



Posted by SuperLou on Sep. 21 2005,19:17
You just wish you had a stormtrooper suit.  I talked to some folk, apparently, making a game that operates outside of an operating system is a bit of a hassle.
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