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Topic: joystick
started by: jls legalize

Posted by jls legalize on Oct. 03 2005,23:25
< enable joypad support dsl wiki >

after typing
cat /dev/input/js0
I got: no such file or directory

Posted by motokitn on Oct. 17 2005,02:26
I've been in pursuit of the same grail- one small clue, /dev/input/js0 really doesn't exist. I found /dev/js0 , but got the same "no such device" error.
As far as the wiki goes, I don't see how to modify my hotplug script without doing a remaster as it calls for modifying the KNOPPIX image. Not so bad in itself, but the next upgrade flushes all that right down the toilet.
I might just try passing on a boot option insmod and see if I don't break anything.
Keep hackin'!

Posted by motokitn on Oct. 17 2005,02:41
Well dude, the reboot did absolutely nada.
Is there a guru in the building!?

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 17 2005,03:24
My joystick works perfectly with this method.
Posted by motokitn on Oct. 18 2005,00:21
Cool! Can I come to your place to play acm?
Posted by motokitn on Oct. 18 2005,23:55
Okay, so three reboots later it just starts working. Some kind of voodoo going on, right? :p
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