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Topic: Need help with DSL games.
started by: triforcemario

Posted by triforcemario on Oct. 04 2005,20:27
Hello there, as you probable guessed, I am a new member here, and I need some help.

the games you can find < here >
How do you put them onto DSL? I'm useing the Live CD version (burned) and have no internet conncetion with that PC, can you please help since I'm new to DSL (booted it for the first time today)
And I don't know what to do.

Note to moderators:PLease forgive me if this is in the wrong board.

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 05 2005,01:31
Go up one level to
< >
There are brief installation instructions there.

Also, make sure to read the info file associated with the package...some packages require special treatment before they will run.

Posted by triforcemario on Oct. 05 2005,12:59
sorry to say, but that doesn't slove my problem, what I want is that I've got a USb pen drive, right?, and I'm useing the Live-cd version of DSL, and I want to be able to transfer the data (.dsl files) from the USB pen drive to DSL. but that guid doesn't explane it. help!
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