want to play ut2004 but want directx and my sis650

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Topic: want to play ut2004 but want directx and my sis650
started by: Napster69

Posted by Napster69 on Nov. 27 2005,09:30
i dont have the directx pakage ( if its needed ) but i have the right driver for my pc now it is called Sis_drv.o-402 i would like to know how to install this so i can play ut2004 ( i did it on windowse )

also if any one knowes were to get the stack stigmatel C major audio drivers from please tell me ( i dont think they are any ) im running dsl 2.0

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 27 2005,15:30
ut2004 in Linux uses openGL, not directx.  OpenGL is available by installing XFree86.
However, unless you have a machine that is several times faster than the fastest machine currently on the market, you will also need to install a video card driver that supports hardware acceleration in order to play ut2004 with an enjoyable framerate.

Posted by chickenman on Nov. 27 2005,15:45
lmao mikshaw, running ut2004 on software rendering alone would be quite a task indeed - you seemed to summarise it quite well.

Napster69 - note that there are a few pre-made xfree86 video card drivers for hardware acceleration around, if you have an nvidia then you're half way there allready (other brands are still emerging), check the downloads area and the folder that xfree86.dsl makes in /usr/home/

hope it helps!

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