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Topic: Replace xZGV ?
started by: humpty

Posted by humpty on Dec. 12 2005,19:03
How about replacing xZGV with GQview or something else. It does
not integrate too well with emelfm and isn't all that nice to use?

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 13 2005,17:51
xZGV = small

small = good

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 14 2005,01:31
Well said.
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 14 2005,04:35
Personally I don't care for xzgv has support for only a few image formats, and its interface is not very friendly. But it's tiny, and there's mydsl which allows you to add gqview or imagemagick.  As I see it, when you have something as handy as mydsl it's better to have fewer and smaller applications in the base system so you have room for more important stuff like system config tools, better hardware support, more/updated libs....things that are needed on a broader scale.
Posted by gunnix on Dec. 15 2005,15:51
I prefer xzgv over any image viewer. I like the interface a lot.
I think gqview's interface sucks.

just to say that not everyone dislikes xzgv ;)

Posted by humpty on Mar. 03 2006,20:17
Quote (cbagger01 @ Dec. 13 2005,12:51)
xZGV = small

small = good

that's not what my g'friends say!  :laugh:

Posted by WDef on Mar. 07 2006,13:02
Not sure I know what a g'friend is :=)  ... but since you've revived this thread:

xZGV has brightness etc image controls available via keyboard commands.  Unfortunately GQView doesn't seem to, or I can't find them if it does, apart from zoom and rotate/mirror etc.

I sent another image viewer to extensions over the weekend which is the probably the tiniest available, and it has brightness, gamma controls, frameless fullscreen etc - but it has no GUI and it doesn't do thumbs - you can't have everything. But certainly is cute.  

Despite the irritation that xZGV doesn't seem to do frameless fullscreen in fluxbox, it does imho seem to overall be the best choice for dsl for the footprint.

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