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Topic: unneeded devices in docked.lua?
started by: mikshaw

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 06 2006,05:09
Should /dev/pts and swap partition(s) be ignored in mount_common.lua?
I don't recall seeing them prior to DSL 3.1, but I had not been using the mount app so maybe they were always there.  I don't think there's any reason for them to be listed in the available mounts.

Posted by chaostic on Nov. 06 2006,06:38
I was looking at the way the mount wm works to add my cdrom to be there regardless if it was in use or not (hd installed) and as of 2.4 I remember it only looks for any drive that listed inside the /mnt/ folder. Since the hd install kept wanting to mount the cd as /cdrom instead of /mnt/cdrom, it wouldn't add it to the mount wm. I just included it in a special file and made the script read that file as well (The script creates a file inside the tmp folder with the output of a grep command, listing the drives to create the mount wm.) A small static file with "/cdrom" and a change to the script to cat the file did what i needed to do.

So unless the mount script/mount wm were removed from 3.1 and fluxbox, then they shouldn't show on the wm at all.

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 06 2006,14:49
I'm not sure exactly what you're saying, but it seems like you're telling me that I shouldn't be seeing these devices listed.

I haven't looked far into mount_common, so I'm not sure exactly what it's doing, but at first glance it appears that it's using everything that includes /dev/ and dropping everything that includes a comment.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 06 2006,15:41
Afaik he's talking about a traditional hd-install... cause the frugal mounts the dsl image on /cdrom by default.

I remember that a certain version of the 'newer' mount .lua tool does look in /mnt ...  using a symlink or editing fstab or editing the script itself were solutions.

Back at the topic at hand, I agree that those should be filtered out - my only guess is that the mount tool script was changed to not just look in /mnt

Posted by roberts on Nov. 06 2006,16:25
If this discussion is on the mount.lua in RC2, a release candidate issue, it has been tweaked for RC3.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 06 2006,16:46
Yes, I can see now that it is.  I just tried a clean 3.0.1 and did not see swap or pts in the list.

Sorry to trouble you =o)

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