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started by: Elc0chin0

Posted by Elc0chin0 on Nov. 29 2006,22:12
I just registered here. I downloaded the usb dsl and think it's terrific. I do have a few suggestions if possible.

1) is there a way to make the screen bigger and set it to default.

2) I can't seem to get to the hard drive on the laptop /computer when I try to the 'unmount' button on the bottom right corner I get a dialog box that says something about the file system type.  I tried going into the /KNOPPIX directory and changing to the /mnt to mount the hard drive but I can't seem to locate it.  I didn't see it in the /auto directory.  Sorry this must be a no brainer I just can't see it.

3) I'd like to be able to use a few tools like a) nmap, b) tcpdump, c) airsnort, d) sleuthkit, e) metasploit if possible.  I think if I can get to the harddrive I can download the tools and use them from there but I just can't get to the hd.

If this is already available I'd really appreciate a url where I can just download it.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 30 2006,02:25
1. do you mean resolution?  run xsetup.sh

2. scroll around in the mount tool to select the device (if supported) before clicking mount

3. I think there are some  extensions for them - check mydsl.  Or else you could always get them elsewhere.

Posted by Elc0chin0 on Nov. 30 2006,16:22
I got the xsetup.sh to work but it didn't seem make a difference. Maybe I have to restart DSL Linux.

I have no idea what the mount tool is, so I can't test anything.  If the little box that's in a pinkish red on the bottom right of my DSL screen is the mount box then I can't do anything with it.

If I right click it give me an "Error: mount: you must specify the filesystem type" HOW?

If I left click I get the same error message.

Again HOW do you specify the filesystem type?

When I open a root shell and go to /KNOPPIX/mnt

there is an 'hd' now but when I try to 'mount -a hd' I get something about it not being in fstab.

and I checked the mydsl and opened up most of the tabs/buttons and got nothing but a blank dialogbox.

Thanks but this idiot was looking for something a little more straight forward.

I can get it to open somethings and i do find it very useful. I just would like to use it a little differently than a virtual desktop.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 30 2006,17:25
run ` ls -l /mnt/hd* ` and paste your output.

hd itself is unused I believe, just an empty dir.

yes, that would be the mount tool.  Try another device.  To manually specify the fs, you can use mount -t <type> but it's most likely a filesystem that DSL doesn't recognize - or is the device even formatted?

Output of `fdisk -l` could be helpful as well.
Also `cat /etc/fstab`.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 30 2006,17:32
I wonder if he is running Qemu? But with the Wiki calling the Qemu version the USB version which is wrong! And with his statements of:
Not full screen and no access to local drives? We can only guess. Still posted in wrong place and not clear what version of DSL?
What happened to that post "How to ask a Question"

Posted by Elc0chin0 on Nov. 30 2006,19:29
Interesting note;

when rebooting the system I noticed that it sees the bios

which also sees the hds and cd as;
ata0 and ata1 and it notes the size of each.

also I do need to restart dsl linux for the xsetup to take effect. Nice.

The first time I rebooted the system hung at 'Booting from Hard Disk...'

The second time it also hung at the same place.  This isn't a real big deal in XP or most windows environments I guess.

It trieds to mnt the ndiswrapper from mnt/hda1/windows etc etc. but can't find them or mount to...

Ok found the mount tool, but it's basically the same little thing at the bottom right corner and does basically the same thing. Again, where do you specify the file type?

Still looking for some of the tools I mentioned and haven't found anything yet.

Posted by Elc0chin0 on Nov. 30 2006,19:43
Thanks for the info and all the help Roberts.

BTW it's posts like you're that turn a good question into something other than what it started out.

Also, FYI I liked this tool so much I made a donation yesterday evening. Nothing like what Bill Gates did but non the less a donation, and I get a Super Admin comment like this.

Thanks but I think I'll keep working with ^thehatsrule^ as he appears to at least be of assistance.

I dl'ed the latest version of dsl 3.1 I think.  Not the beta version.

I did find the 'windows manager'. If you right click on the screen you'll get a host of menu options. The 'window option allows you to change to 'jvm' or something like that. It works a lot faster but I still get nothing when I click on the 'Apps' of MyDSL.

Here's what I get with 'ls -l /mnt/hd*'


When I 'cd' to any one of them and then 'ls' to say 'hda' it's empty. I've tried to 'mount -a hda' from the /mnt directory and them 'cd' to the hd* directory.  Still no results.

Sorry about the long questions but I'm trying to work with someone else on using this.

And thanks for whoever it is that's providing the assistance, maybe you should be a super admin.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 30 2006,19:54
roberts, I suppose moving this thread isn't possible?

also I do need to restart dsl linux for the xsetup to take effect. Nice.
You just need to restart X actually.

Ok found the mount tool, but it's basically the same little thing at the bottom right corner and does basically the same thing. Again, where do you specify the file type?[quote]See my last post about this...

are you sure its hab?
Anyways, it looks like it's not partitioned correctly... the output from the commands in my previous post's last paragraph might help us figure out what's on those devices.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 30 2006,22:16

I hadn't moved it cause I couldn't tell if it is Qemu/Embedded or native USB booting.,

If it is trying to use ndiswrapper upon boot, sounds like it was run on abother system and has a backup that likely is incorrect for the current target machine.

Try booting it with
dsl base norestore
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