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started by: coder_gus

Posted by coder_gus on Dec. 06 2006,14:33
It would be great if a c/c++ compiler can be integrated in future versions of dsl.I am not sure if there is one now,i know that in dsl 2.4 is not....i will download the latest stable version and check it out
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 06 2006,14:44
tcc is in 2.4
Posted by coder_gus on Dec. 06 2006,14:50
Quote (mikshaw @ Dec. 06 2006,09:44)
tcc is in 2.4

ok,thanks mikshaw....i will try that.
I think gcc is out of the question  :)

Posted by cmanb on Dec. 06 2006,16:08
Quote (coder_gus @ Dec. 06 2006,06:50)
I think gcc is out of the question  :)

It is, though, in the repository. Which is kind of the beauty of DSL.

< system/gcc1-with-libs.dsl >

Posted by meo on Dec. 09 2006,19:23
Hi coder_gus !

If you check under "Other help topics" there is a remastering HOWTO and on the last page (62) there is a simple guide on HOWTO incorporate both gcc and gnu-utils into a remastering. Then You'll have enough to compile at least smaller programs as source code.

Have fun,

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