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Topic: mkmydsl and full apps customization
started by: Selim

Posted by Selim on Dec. 12 2006,14:14
mkmydsl allows to include extensions in a custom iso but you can't use it to remove apps in DSL base. Such a feature will:
- make DSL easily fully customizable
- prevent topics like: why this app in DSL base? How about replace this app by this one, etc...
- allow to remove unused apps (Who uses 2 windows managers, 3 web browsers and 2 files managers at the same time?)
- save space on HDD  and in RAM (Usefull for old hardware)

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 12 2006,14:36
While that would be a handy tool, and something similar is in semi-development by at least one user, it is not the purpose of mkmydsl.  The mkmydsl script was created as an easy way to add myDSL extensions and other files to the ISO, but what you are suggesting requires remastering the KNOPPIX file (the compressed filesystem inside the ISO). These are two very different things, though they may seem to have similar results.

What you are asking might be compared to wanting the cp command to do what mv does.

Posted by Selim on Dec. 13 2006,18:55
Then, it will be an improvement to the mkmydsl script (understood as an easy way to build custom DSL ISOs). Of course adding myDSL extensions and remastering the KNOPPIX file are 2 different things but the goal (Customizing) is the same. I know you're working on such an improvement < here > but as this < topic > has shown it would be easier if roberts and John were making it.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 13 2006,19:40
Shouldn't call it mkmydsl then - avoid confusion, etc.

I don't see how it would help if they were making a new script or not.  They would know the insides of what they add in new versions though, but unless this is in their priorities to take that on themselves, I see no problem for others to add to the current script that mikshaw has written.  Besides, for that thread, a fix was mentioned within a few hours.

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 13 2006,20:05
Your point is a fair one...I would never have known there was an issue with simply removing the firefox files because I have never used unionfs.  However, as ^thehatsrule^ pointed out, there's always someone who catches what we miss in the world of open source, and the fix often goes into effect quite quickly.  Whenever I get back to that script, it will include some editing commands to account for John's hacks.

As for the original topic, you may want to consider the script name itself...mkmydsl. The key phrase is "mydsl", which implies you are dealing with mydsl extensions, and not remastering the system.  It's my belief that a remaster of the KNOPPIX filesystem would be a tool separate from mkmydsl, and one that doesn't really need to be written and maintained by the DSL developers. The process of remastering KNOPPIX is one that has been done and documented long before DSL was created, and I would be surprised if there isn't already a handful of tools available with which to do it.

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