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Topic: NAT from Zaurus to Verizon DSL
started by: StarPilot

Posted by StarPilot on Jan. 11 2007,23:32
I'm trying to setup my mini-ITX computer, using Damn Small Linux, to connect my Zaurus handheld to my brother's Verizon DSL. He's got a Microsoft Microbrain so he won't let me touch his computer with any linux but he lets me connect using my mini-ITX. Does anybody have any idea for the best way to do that?
Posted by Onikage on Jan. 23 2007,07:03
Not too hard really... Just connect a CAT5 cable between your ITX and the hub, switch, router or DSL modem. Then run netcardconfig from the menu and when it asks if you want to use DHCP answer yes, then hit enter.

Give it a bit and it will configure itself.

One more tip, if you can't connect to any sites, open a root-shell and type...

pump -i eth0

That will restart your nic.

Posted by telemetric_au on Mar. 30 2007,02:40
please see here for usb connection :
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