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Topic: gparted
started by: jpeters

Posted by jpeters on Mar. 31 2007,17:12
I'd love to see this included in the mydsl library.
Posted by humpty on Mar. 31 2007,17:40
parted is, but it's an old version.
Posted by jpeters on Mar. 31 2007,18:48
Thanks humpty, I didn't notice it. I just tried it, though, and it sure inspired confidence...NOT!

check /mnt/hda1:

"No Implementation: This ext2 filesystem has a rather strange layout!  Parted
can't resize this (yet)."

EDIT: Maybe a more recent version??
EDIT 2:  Please forget this idea;  best loaded  from a bootdisk anyway.  
recommended: partedmagic; burn iso to disk and boot;  works.

Posted by humpty on April 02 2007,08:16
yeah, i did rave about it once;

< >

it's gnome, so would be a bit tricky to package for dsl. not to mention the drivers, etc.
as you said, best run from boot.

Posted by Juanito on April 02 2007,10:42
I posted ntfsprogs awhile ago - you could use that instead of gparted
Posted by jpeters on April 07 2007,21:59
Quote (Juanito @ April 02 2007,06:42)
I posted ntfsprogs awhile ago - you could use that instead of gparted ??

I guess gcc1-with-libs is supposed to install this, although I didn't find it in my /usr/lib folder. Then again, I installed the unc version, which also froze up a few things (like Emelfm).  I'm guessing this is a dependency, and perhaps it needs a link before ntfsprogs loads?

EDIT: Using .dsl version installed libstdc++ in the /usr/lib directory (another unc bomb!).  No luck mydsl-loading ntfsfrogs, though, with or without a link to .5.0.7.  Other dependencies (gnu-utils,etc.)??

Posted by Juanito on April 08 2007,03:52
I removed the symlink /usr/lib/ -> in the revised version of ntfsprogs.dsl that is in the testing section of the repository - are you using this one?

I cannot remember if I posted a unc version of ntfsprogs, but I'm pretty sure that the dsl version in testing at the moment contains (hence the size).

I'm not at a dsl machine at the moment, but I'll have a look next time I am.

Posted by jpeters on April 08 2007,07:09 works as is. ( I was looking for "ntfsprogs" in /usr/bin :-)   I have all 83 linux partitions, so I can't really do much other than look at the help menus.  Thanks.
(the unc problem was with gcc1-with-libs).

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