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started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on April 16 2007,15:01
-Modifying boot line "Running Linux kernel 2.4.26" to "Running DSL <version> on Linux kernel 2.4.26"

-empty line to motd after the text

-removing automounter check from boot

-replacing framebuffer penguin logo with a DSL logo (This one would be great!)

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 16 2007,16:02
Just wondering what logo did you have in mind?  Personally, I like the standard cpu tux logo count myself.
Posted by curaga on April 19 2007,15:55
Maybe the one in this forum, or maybe Roberts could put up a contest for the best DSL boot logo...
Posted by lucky13 on April 22 2007,13:28
Boot logos are for Windows. :cool:

< >

Posted by curaga on April 22 2007,16:05
Heh.. Let's not go there again.. Electricity bills are for Linux then ;)
Posted by lucky13 on April 22 2007,19:45
It only costs an extra couple bucks a month, and I have the convenience of not having to wait through boot cycles, not forcing my hardware through heating-cooling cycles (expansion-contraction -- now it's just hot all the time), using the computer whenever I want -- or need -- to use it, etc. But I have computers to use them, not to "watch" them boot and load operating systems.

Maybe that's why I haven't seen the light yet about what's on the screen however many seconds GRUB takes to start loading or what I see while hotplug's little routine guesses what I've inserted into my USB ports this time (woohoo, spinning \-/-\-/-\s!).

Different strokes... :D

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