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Topic: Poll: New boot logo for 4.0?
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on July 02 2007,11:50
As there's a kernel update coming, at the same time it would be easy to change the boot logo (currently the default penguin above boot messages). It would be a great way to be original, I've only seen one distro change that, it was a one-floppyer but it had a nice look because of that.

I've created one pic I think would be worthy of DSL. (Tried many but this was only good one in my opinion)

Tell me what you think. If you want to make one too, it must be 80x80 with max 224 colors..

Posted by mikshaw on July 02 2007,13:16
Personally I don't care whether or not the image changes ever, but I really don't like your image. "Seal of Quality" is a marketing term intended to imply that some standard of excellence has been met when in reality there is no such standard.
Posted by curaga on July 02 2007,14:00
Well, I thought the releases of DSL are well tested and thus even the RC releases are of good quality..
Posted by lucky13 on July 02 2007,16:01
I have a similar objection as mikshaw's. DSL is offered without warranty. Since people unfamiliar with Linux and/or their hardware choices and how it works under Linux can have or create their own bad experiences, it's probably not a good idea to put anything like that which could be perceived in a manner inconsistent with its disclaimers of warranty.

FWIW and given what I've been reading in the "easier way to compile..." thread about how some extensions have been compiled against possibly incompatible libraries (it's not the kernel version that matters!!!), I wouldn't mind seeing such a designation (and even seal) given to things compiled natively in and for DSL.

Posted by lucky13 on July 02 2007,20:58
As far as graphics go, I sent Robert a proof of a logo/wallpaper idea for DSL4 last week. It's used on the wallpaper in the screenshot I loaded while ago (sent to Robert with some variations in background colors and text), slightly tinted with the aterm over it. Any constructive feedback or does it totally suck?

< http://lucky13.blogsavy.com/2007/07/02/another-shot/ >

Posted by jpeters on July 03 2007,02:52
That ought to scare a few people. I kindof liked the art approach...
Posted by lucky13 on July 03 2007,09:11
That ought to scare a few people.

What ought to scare people? Do you think something like "50MB... size DOES matter" is too over the top?

Posted by curaga on July 03 2007,09:37
Lucky, could you make a boot logo similar to that? 80x80 max 224 colors?
I like it.. But the 4 could be a little smaller, and I'm also in for moving "size DOES matter" (I didn't find it at all..)..

I'll make a few new logo contestants soon. If anyone wants to make some too, try and PM me.

Seal didn't get any good feedback.. So don't care about this thread anymore. After making some new pics, while keeping your feedback in mind, I'll post a new poll with lots of choices..

Posted by curaga on July 03 2007,09:41
Hey Lucky, you really think so? Maybe it could be added to the mydsl html page, with a tiny version of it next to all extensions which were compiled on DSL?
Posted by lucky13 on July 03 2007,10:23
could you make a boot logo similar to that? 80x80 max 224 colors?

Sure. In fact, I tried to use part of your gif (the outer part) with the 4 on the inside along with "dsl" running up the hypoteneuse. The fonts' antialiasing broke every which way I tried it (no matter what font, no matter what size, no matter how much I rotated it), so it looked pretty crappy.

I'll see if I still have the stuff I tarballed and sent to Robert on that USB stick after I take a shower. Else I'll have to wait til I get to work later. One of the images I sent him can be scaled down a bit if you want me to post it, or I can do another and do the "size matters" thing. I might have the files on my laptop...

Hey Lucky, you really think so?

There should be some way to designate extensions that have been compiled in a DSL environment and should play well/better with DSL's base libs, etc. I don't know if that's it, or even if Robert and John would go for that.

Posted by lucky13 on July 03 2007,11:04
This is probably >224 colors, but it's 80x80. I put it on black so it won't stick out like a sore thumb.
< http://lucky13.blogsavy.com/2007/07/03/dsl-propaganda-1/ >

Posted by lucky13 on July 03 2007,11:27
Wallpaper idea, but I can resize the text and Tux for a boot logo (I like the other one better for that, but it's not my call):
< http://lucky13.blogsavy.com/2007/07/03/dsl-propaganda-2/ >

Posted by curaga on July 03 2007,11:32
New poll will be posted within minutes. Same category, so go there
Posted by curaga on July 03 2007,11:33
Propaganda 1 looks good, just make a 224-color version to see if it still looks fine..
I made one that got inspiration from your first image with 4, check it out..

Posted by Key on July 04 2007,14:45
Just hope that a new boot logo doesn't take more space / memory than the old one. Please think about this as well.
Posted by curaga on July 04 2007,14:57
It will probably have no effect, +-1kb
Posted by curaga on Aug. 22 2007,14:25
I'd like to know why people keep voting in this, this is an old poll. There is a newer one, and in it too Normal Tux won.
Posted by lucky13 on Aug. 22 2007,17:15
I'd like to know why people keep voting in this

Because there's no way for those who start the polls to kill the poll and some people don't bother to look at dates before replying.

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