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started by: asz

Posted by asz on Oct. 25 2007,08:56
Hi and thanks a lot for the DSL4, what a great release!

I have been elaborating quite a lot with earlier versions of DSL and I think that this little distro realy is state of the art. To make it even more usable I have a suggestion. What about making a DSL barebone... or startup? I think that every user with some experience grows to like different apps and configs. One of the ideas with DSL is size, right? So, I need to delete the stuff i do not like and add the stuff i do like. Let me take an example; I dont like the ted, the games and sylpheed. But I do like abiword. No problems for me, ahh... well some. But for convenience wouldnt it be nice to have a stripped DSL to start with? A DSL without any apps just the system, ready to fill with your favourite addons? What do you say?

I just read the WM discussion in the "Two versions of DSL" thread.. doesnt theese two suggestions talk the same language? The idea of a more "basic" DSL is very appealing to me.

Posted by curaga on Oct. 25 2007,15:05
Well, it's still a big matter of personal taste. Even if someone did create a minimal ver, someone else would say it has something he doesn't like.

So, I think the current remastering is enough.. Just my two cents

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 25 2007,16:04
There's been several similar threads/polls about this, such as < > < >
Posted by asz on Oct. 25 2007,21:22
Thanks for the URL's to the polls. It looks like I wasnt the first one to get this 'wonderful' idea. *laugh* And according to me that means it is a really good idea. But I also understand the thoughts about the DSL identity. Certainly worth thinking about.

Maybe I will just continue removing some apps to collect space for my own favourites, and remaster that.

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