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started by: jesudia

Posted by jesudia on Oct. 26 2007,04:11
Is very necesary boot a usb-stick with a normal instalation (install to hd )of dsl at computers that
not have boot-bios-usb, somebody can help

Posted by curaga on Oct. 26 2007,13:18
Yes, that is possible.

Just copy linux24 and minirt24.gz to the hd, and have your bootloader boot it. It should automatically boot from usb, unless you have DSL installed to the hard drive too..

Posted by jesudia on Oct. 27 2007,06:32
I only have floppy, cd, and stick/usb, i have not hard disk, i want install dsl to stick/usb with normal installation to hd but to stick/usb and boot from floppy, my laptop have not bios-boot-usb. how to do a floppy that boot that stick/usb if the bios have not boot-usb neither something reference to unit usb,, thanks
Posted by curaga on Oct. 27 2007,06:53
oh. Then the regular boot floppy can do that.

After downloading bootfloppy.img you can write it to a floppy with "dd if=bootfloppy.img of=/dev/fd0".
Then copy the KNOPPIX directory from the CD or the embedded ver to the usb stick, plug them both in, and see if it boots :)

Posted by jesudia on Oct. 29 2007,13:03
i want install dsl to stick/usb with --normal installation to hd--

not frugal installation, not installation "poor man", not copy of iso, thanks

Posted by curaga on Oct. 29 2007,17:53
Yes, you can do that too, though it will kill the usb stick in the long run..

Use some other computer to do the install, and you will need to edit the boot floppy..

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