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Topic: Replace Xpaint with Mtpaint
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on Nov. 08 2007,16:05
I found this cool image editor, that's still being actively developed, unlike Xpaint.

< >

< Screenshot >

It's more user friendly, looks better (gtk1 instead of xlib), and has more features such as:
- exporting ascii art
- animated gifs
- layers
- gamma, brightness, contrast etc advanced image manipulation

Oh, did I mention it's 27kb smaller than Xpaint :P

So, any objections?

PS: < I've already compiled it >, take a test drive :)

Posted by struppi on Dec. 04 2007,20:34
two thumbs up! i tried it on two machines and it works great. i think it would be a great addition to the base distro! :)
Posted by roberts on Dec. 04 2007,20:46
Does it support xpm? Our iconView.lua is using xpaint as an icon editor.
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 05 2007,00:38
Yes, it supports xpm. I've been using mtpaint for the last few weeks on my slackware system specifically for that purpose, and it is the *only* gui image editor on that box that can write XPM. I think the xpm lib in slackware might be broken, and perhaps mtpaint writes the file directly?

In any case, I particularly like using mtpaint for xpm because it automatically loads the color palette from the xpm file rather than displaying its own built-in palette as xpaint seems to do.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 05 2007,05:24
Sehr gut
Posted by jpeters on Dec. 05 2007,08:05
Very nice...I'm impressed with the transform colors options that shows  changes real time.  Kindof amazing this self-contained app is only 384k.
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