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Topic: Epdfview
started by: Lord UnR34l

Posted by Lord UnR34l on Dec. 20 2007,08:04
Hi. These days I founded a new pdf client even smaller than xpdf. It's name is epdfview. It is smaller, better at features and better at look and feel.I think it is exactly what dsl needs.By the way, the 4.2 new theme is awsome.Greate jog.Oh ad the epdfview website is < http://trac.emma-soft.com/epdfview/ >
Posted by curaga on Dec. 20 2007,08:10
It's gtk2...
Posted by Lord UnR34l on Dec. 20 2007,08:27
Excuse me, but I am not a dsl daily user. What is the problem if it is gtk2?
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 20 2007,16:22
Gtk2 isn't in DSL, so epdfview would not be useable in the base system. It could be supplied as a mydsl extension with a Gtk2 dependency.
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