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started by: blip

Posted by blip on Dec. 27 2007,17:10
Sorry if this is a stupid question.........
Do you think it would be easy to implement a software update tool? That way DSL it could make things easy for people to update.....perhaps it could backup files first before doing this........and then pop a message up saying ' updates available...install?.

Maybe this is too much work's just food for thought.........I do like the way Apple did it with OS9 ( and OS X)..

Posted by lucky13 on Dec. 27 2007,18:59
Update what exactly?  DSL is in constant development with occasional upgrades of packages so there's a high cost for the little benefit you would gain by including those kinds of things. There are tools (cvs, svn, git) for those who want software updates on a regular basis (for those who want to use development trunks rather than official releases -- which usually means source rather than binary). Those are probably more appropriate and are already available in MyDSL. I don't think including such a tool in DSL, much less adding in scripts to back up data by default, would be too wise considering how DSL is used (live CD with svn?!) and the resources that would be required to run those kinds of processes. That's also something that some applications (firefox, thunderbird, and opera come to mind) handle on their own anyway.
Posted by blip on Dec. 27 2007,19:53
Yes I was thinking about that....different apps needing updates....
Every now and then as little updates are released I'm not to sure how to update the system /replace the files that need replacing....
It's mainly getting to understand how if an installtion fails what's the quickest way to get it back up to the level you were at....the backup tool does this to a large extent does it not?

There is also the option to remaster to CD...

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