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Topic: For the `index.html' on the CD
started by: the Missing M

Posted by the Missing M on Jan. 05 2008,08:34
This just occurred to me after inserting an old, unmarked DSL disc I'd burned some time ago.  Yeah I know; my bad, should have labelled it.

Anyway, you know the index.html file at the root level of the CD, titled `Why are you still using windows?' that reads;
You need to make sure your bios is set to boot from the cdrom.
After fixing your bios reboot your computer with the CD in your drive.
I hope you like Damn Small Linux!
[Kind of made me chuckle, because I wasn't running Windows at the time, and haven't for several months.]

Would be nice if it also mentioned what version of DSL you're looking at, just so you can check the version number without booting it.  Of course, a felt pen would work just as well, if not better...



PS: congratulations on v4.0 .  :-)  Runs very nicely on an Asus EEE, although the weird monitor dimensions [800x480] call for a little user input to sort things out.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 05 2008,15:49
After booting, click Apps->DSLpanel->System Stats.
cat /usr/share/doc/dsl/release.txt

Posted by kuky on Jan. 05 2008,23:30
can be useful to writte the ver. number  in the grub menu because there are compulsive testerīs with various versions of dsl in two or more pcs


Posted by chaostic on Jan. 06 2008,20:55
DSL has shown the version number in the boot messages for a while now. When I booted last night, the last line before the "Dsl secure" script was Running DSL 3.4.4
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