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started by: geomort

Posted by geomort on Jan. 09 2008,03:19
The reason I keep comming back to DSL is I have to use a broken or old computer.
In my pocket I have DSL 3.2, 2.1b (for sata) a floppy disk, and a usb drive.  For wireless I have a game adapter but I have to precofigure that.

Have someone (The Chineese)  make up something lile the Pen Dragon but with wireless g.

Bootable would be nice but just having wireless would get lots of people to join the family.   There seems to be atheros usb dongels out there that could be standardized on.  Sell the DSL disk and wireless usb together on you web site.

I think that the key is having chip, kernel mod, and drivers all match up.  
It's hard to do much with dsl as it is fixed on disk.  I've compiled with FC4 and 6 and gotten wireless to work but had to use the 32 bit system instead of 64 because there were no 64 bit drivers for the broadcom cards.  As DSL is 32 the driver are easier to find.  

Some ethernet controller have given me trouble with linux also so and usb ethernet adapter would sell too.  

In the day to day mechanics of computer maintanance it's "save my data" and reinstall windows.   I have to connect to the network to copy off the user data and wireless would be convienint.

I'll buy a disk and dongel right now if it's under $100.  See how many otther have the same need.


Posted by lucky13 on Jan. 09 2008,03:33
The solution to the problem is to buy cards from companies that want everyone to use their hardware. Some companies welcome open source developers to write drivers, others resist. It's a free market and you make your choices with what you buy. Buy what works with open source operating systems and therefore reduces the need for kludges like ndiswrapper. I was going to link to this article in my response to your comments in the other thread, but it's just as germane here.
< http://www.thejemreport.com/mambo/content/view/293/ >

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