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Topic: monkey 0.9.2
started by: cmk77

Posted by cmk77 on Jan. 22 2008,08:25
On sourceforge I saw that monkey 0.9.2 is out. Will it be in DSL soon? I don't see monkey in the list of packages...
Posted by chaostic on Jan. 22 2008,12:23
Monkey .9.1 is installed by default in dsl (atleast the 3.4.x branch :P)

It is installed in /opt/monkey/ and seems to be completely self contained there. You should be able to compile .9.2 and just drop it in to /opt/monkey/bin/monkey

It's actually /opt/monkey-0.9.1/
/opt/monkey is a sym-link to that.

Posted by cmk77 on Jan. 22 2008,13:13
It's in 4.x as well. I'll try to compile 0.9.2 from source. Would be nice to have it out of the box in the next release.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 22 2008,17:42
Wow, a new release after so long - great.
Seems to compile and run fine so far.  Only tested localhost.

Download page: < > (for some reason I couldn't find it linked on the main page)

Looks like it will solve a number problems, such as bugs like < >

Posted by cmk77 on Jan. 22 2008,20:14
yeah, that's the bug I'm facing. Thanks for the link, it's still 0.9.1 on the main page.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 23 2008,21:56
If it is not too big. I will update it.
Posted by cmk77 on Jan. 26 2008,10:53
That's great!

In the meantime I compiled monkey-0.9.2 and tried it out. It does solve the white page bug  :cool:

Posted by roberts on Jan. 26 2008,14:59
monkey-0.9.2 will be in the next release of 3.x and 4.x
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