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started by: evilfrog

Posted by evilfrog on Feb. 06 2008,23:44
its a great litle device whit hiden power
the specs
CPU: up to 333mhz
RAM: 32meg
Dram: 4meg
SCREEN: 480 x 272 pixel 16.77 million colors

so the DSL is a really goos OS choice for the psp its only 50meg and  dosent ask for lot of ram and cpu speed to make it work

will this be a good idea ?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 07 2008,01:54
It may sound like a good idea, but the chance of having it derived from DSL is almost 0%
Posted by lucky13 on Feb. 07 2008,01:58
I agree with hats except for the wiggle room in his probability. Since the PSP doesn't use i386 architecture, it *IS* 0%. NetBSD has a PS2 port, but I don't know yet about PSP.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 07 2008,02:12
If you feel like testing out something though, you can search around for uclinux ports such as < >

lucky13: I did not exclude the possibility of recompiled code (probably with hacks) for other arch's ... not too sure what you're pointing out.. (?)

Posted by evilfrog on Feb. 07 2008,08:19
i tryed uclinux it start well but it freeze wen it try to mount the hdd :(
i dont know about i386 stuff but i know that dosbox was ported for the psp and work realy well some people actualy installed win 3.11 and win 95 also mac os 7

i dont knoe about programing and stuff like that but im sure its possible ?

ho i almost forgot the new psp slim as 64meg of ram

Posted by lucky13 on Feb. 07 2008,16:48
i dont knoe about programing and stuff like that but im sure its possible ?

Linux itself can be ported over (as it has been with ucLinux). The rest of what's in DSL can be recompiled for that particular architecture. But why should DSL make a specialty port/release for a device like that? It's already a lot of work keeping up with what DSL supports.

Posted by evilfrog on Feb. 08 2008,02:56
i dont know it will be a nice project its like why making a super small linux if its not to use whit small device ?
it dosent have the be 100% fonctional if a first realese is made and work people will start to get interest on it and start helping ?

aniway it was a sugesting its take it or leave it no one will dir because of that :P

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