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Topic: shutdown options button in tray
started by: jaapz

Posted by jaapz on Mar. 17 2008,13:58

is it a good idea to put a shutdown options button at the right end of the jwm tray? It's just a small detail but it will help to make DSL whole, if u know what i mean...

It's btw not hard to make that button yourself, just open the /home/dsl/.jwmrc-tray file in beaver (or vim, or nano, whatever) and add this line of code before the </tray> tag:
Code Sample
    <TrayButton popup="Shutdown" icon="exit.xpm">exec:exit.lua</TrayButton>    

And then restart JWM.

Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 17 2008,15:34
It's a small detail already available on the default desktop, in the default menu, in the default... if you know what I mean. :)
Posted by jaapz on Mar. 17 2008,17:36
yes i know its in the menu, but... i dunno, seems to me that this makes it a bit better for me... and sorry for my bad english... im not from an english speaking country...
Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 17 2008,20:58
Your English is fine. The menu has the option already. The dfm desktop has it by default. Since the tray is a one-click icon, I would prefer it not be tied to things like shut down options. One of the great things about DSL and jwm is how easy it is to configure them to suit your personal tastes. You can look at screenshots on my blog (www link) and see that aside from a primary menu and occasionally secondary (speed) menu, I don't use the main tray in jwm for application launching. I have a commented out section for an "icon bar" kind of tray that even when I use it is autohidden. Different strokes for different folks. But I don't think DSL needs to have any more icons on the tray by default.
Posted by jaapz on Mar. 18 2008,11:44
Ok, i agree with you. But it would be a good idea to make some app (Lua?) to simply add some tray-items like buttons and menu's. Maybe a good way to learn Lua by building that app. I'll just try it :).
Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 18 2008,12:04
I'm not sure I'd use the word "simply" in connection with making a separate interface for adding tray items over editing jwmrc/jwm-tray files. One of the reasons for using something like XML is so the files are readable and editable by "average" users.
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