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Topic: JWM language, repository (as Debian)
started by: GbMax78

Posted by GbMax78 on Mar. 25 2008,22:22
1) Why it isn't possible to traslate JWM menu or load a language file ? For example on KDE i can install a language pack, i can help to traslate all menu english to italian ! :)

2) Why it isn't possible to active DSL repository (as Debian), apt-get install package or apt-get upgrade/update ? I can help to test on my lan !

3) DSL is very nice, by DSL i can use my p-133, p-166, p-200; i will try 80486 dx 66 mhz ! :)


Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 25 2008,23:19
1. The menu and configuration for jwm is in XML. You can manually edit it yourself, and perhaps start a thread in the section for X/fluxbox for translated menus. KDE is a fully integrated desktop environment, while jwm is a window manager. They really aren't synonymous.
2. Those are two completely distinct packaging systems. I really don't think you want to mix the two like that using the same commands especially considering UCI/UNC extensions. Both systems (DSL, Debian) really aren't interchangeable.
3. Have fun!

Posted by jaapz on Mar. 26 2008,16:16
good idea to translate the .jwmrc file
i'll try to do the dutch one

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