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started by: GbMax78

Posted by GbMax78 on April 06 2008,22:24
Thanks to all DSL team because it is a fantastic Linux distribution ! :)

I haven't understand why DSL it isn't full Debian compatible, for me it is cracy to create a new standard as *.dsl...

Ok DSL i very little (50 MB) but it is possible to make a "big" (<= 150 MB) DSL with full Debian compatibility ?

It is nice to use *.deb and repository ! :)

Thank you !

Posted by kerry on April 07 2008,03:59
you can do that yourself using the debian net install.
< http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-....ard.iso >

install the base, uncheck everything at package selection.

of course there won't be no gui, it's up to you to build up from there.

i use:
log in as root
apt-get install xorg jwm mc
log in as the user

Posted by curaga on April 07 2008,13:41
Yes. If you want Debian, get Debian.
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