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started by: meo

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,10:48
Hi Robert!

I've been thinking of a new boot code for quite a while. It could be called "alltoram" and the point with it would be that not just the KNOPPIX file loads to ram but also the contents of mydsl, optional etc. Most of the people I encounter have pretty new computers and there seems to be more or less a standard now that a computer comes with 1-2 GB of RAM memory. This would be more than enough to give space for what I just mentioned. And since DSL is truly portable I think this new boot code would be appreciated by the community.

Have fun and keep up the good work,

PS I'm really looking forward to the next RC. I think it will be very exiting. DS

Posted by roberts on May 16 2008,18:32
Currently this is possible with toram and using only .dsl or .tar.gz extensions.

Tiny core will be more toram. See my post in instant on suggestion.

Posted by meo on May 17 2008,17:03
Hi again Robert!

Thank you for your response! Just read the suggested thread and it sounds very promising. I can hardly wait to give it a try!

Have fun and be assured of my appreciacion of your hard work,

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