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Topic: Redundancy?
started by: vhangell

Posted by vhangell on Sep. 21 2003,10:50
Isn't this too many partition tools for DSL? :O

BTW, I think parted can not create ext3?

Posted by viktor on Sep. 21 2003,14:54
seems it's just me n you here... lol
Posted by Adam on Sep. 21 2003,15:03

I guess I am confused about this Hard Drive install.  When I try to create the partition using sfdisk, it does not work.  Could someone explain the procedure for putting DSL ("the tiny penguin") on a hard drive?

I am fairly new at this, so could someone use step by step terms (i.e. sit down, breathe, etc.)

I enjoy the distro even though it uses the cdrom to start, but would like to use this exclusively on one of my computers.

Much appreciated,


Posted by vhangell on Sep. 21 2003,15:14
Have you read the FAQ?

< DSL Hard Drive Installation >

Try using fdisk /dev/hda btw, you might destroy your files if you do not know what ur doing.

Posted by sevengraff on Sep. 21 2003,21:05
I've found cfdisk to be the easiest to use.

and I agree with vhangell that it seems there are more than enough partitioning tools. But since they are small terminal programs, they can't be taking up that much space.

Posted by John on Sep. 21 2003,21:19
ls -la ...
/sbin/parted 44k
/lib/ 245K
/sbin/cfdisk 45K
/sbin/fdisk 76K
/sbin/sfdisk 47K

Parted takes up the most room at nearly 290K, but it is a nice tool because of it's ability to resize/move without destroying data.

Posted by arkaoss on Sep. 23 2003,19:59
well i think parted is probly the biggest, cuz it seemed to have the most helpfull info..
before I used it, I tried fdisk, and cfdisk, but was not getting anything done.
so I DOS fdisked it. but it had some pre-existing NTFs partitions, and some didn't delete.
but I was able to run parted, and Nuke em..
BTW, it's a major PIA to have to sudo every (insert explitive if so inclined) command.
and A general linux Question, since I'm a major super newb.
is there any way. to script that once the Xwindows system loads ,it runs a program automatically like calc, or any command? plz email me if possible or aim me, phllippyarkie

Posted by Esa on Sep. 25 2003,18:32
Quote (arkaoss @ Sep. 23 2003,15:59)
BTW, it's a major PIA to have to sudo every (insert explitive if so inclined) command.

sudo su, and you _stay_ root! ^^

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