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Topic: WINE for DSL
started by: la_buchanan

Posted by la_buchanan on Mar. 30 2005,20:34
Is there anyone who can compile WINE and post it at the DSL repository. I think that would be great.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Mar. 31 2005,00:29
There have been TONS of threads on this.

Short story is, it ain't gonna happen.

For why, use the search function and find an older thread.

Posted by GRAWL on Mar. 31 2005,06:08
that said, it still would be nice if there were some sort of guide on how to install it.
Posted by penguin asylum on Mar. 31 2005,13:55
er... < >

you mean specifically for DSL?

Posted by AwPhuch on April 06 2005,02:59
There are probably TONS of dependencies man...would take an act of congress and the will of God to get it done!


Posted by ke4nt1 on April 06 2005,05:03
Actually, changing your sources.list in apt to "unstable" ,
and running  " apt get install wine" and "apt get install winesetuptk"
should have your wine up and running..
Then run wine from a user dsl shell, and configure it to your hardware,
and location of your chosen "fake windows"  directory.

I'd like to see a "winedebs.dsl" extension in the future..
That might install and run OK on everyone's system,
rather than the typical extension install without pre and post configuring..


Posted by W6LQR on Mar. 28 2008,04:32
I installed wine-0.9.22.dsl and it created a lot of files but when I try to run it (from the terminal window) I get message wine not found. I've tried running it as "su" but no difference.

I am running DSL 3.1 installed on the hard drive, read all the comments here but still can not get it to run.


Posted by Melvin on April 14 2008,16:17
I am trying to run MetaTrader 4 ( such as IBFx, < > ) in DSL.

In another forum ( < > ) it says it need Wine 0.9.22 but it also need WineTools ( < > ) which is not in the depository.
Can someone help to make it available ?

If DSL can be make to run MetaTrader 4 ( MT4 ), I think it can have a subset of followers since DSL is very light and can be run from old PC.

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