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started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on June 10 2005,12:06
Poor old Gary McKinnon.
Do you think it's right that he should be thrown in a cell with the likes of Ian Huntley.
What the militaries think with regard to how they deal with the situation maybe right (I mean some of their brains sure, 20+ years ahead on the agendas,) possibly, work for us or we'll  do you in, but the message that they give out to the citizens, these issues should be debated in the public arena.
The issues are political motivations and demonstrating security system inadequacies.
I could write a great sketch, like a don Samurai swordmaker gets thrown behind bars for folding a new steel!!

Posted by andrewphoto on June 13 2005,10:17
Profoundly complex issues, but maybe things don't change.
Perhaps not necessary to go as far back as the 15th. and 16th. centuries, to look at issues of freedom and security, with the emergence of printing (the Bible.)
Perhaps auspicious analogy parallel been significant in the news in recent weeks. Breaking into a building and stealing documents. Hacking in cyberspace. Watergate.

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