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started by: duaux

Posted by duaux on June 13 2004,04:22
BTW: great linux distro...

IDEA: maybe im slow, but dsl does not have a VPN client (pptp cleint) or Remote Desktop (rdesktop)?
having VNC is nice, but rdesktop is just faster with terminal services up on the winboxes. (winnt4 srv term edition, 2k srv term edition, winxp, win srv 2003)

they are both not big, so maybe it can be squeezed in?

if not remove the server stuff :)

if im not mistaking DSL is a live client mini linux cd and not a live server linux cd...


side question: will my DSL HD-install be broken if i do a apt-get pptpclient?


Posted by l0st on June 13 2004,06:45
DSL does have these programs.
What does it have?
Damn Small Linux has a nearly complete desktop, including XMMS (MP3, and MPEG), FTP client, Dillo web browser, links-hacked web browser, spreadsheet, Sylpheed email, spellcheck (US English), a word-processor (Ted-GTK), four editors (SciTe, nVi, Zile [emacs clone], and Nano [Pico clone]), graphics editing and viewing (Xpaint, and xzgv), Xpdf, emelFM (file manager), Naim (AIM, ICQ, IRC), VNCviwer, Rdesktop, SSH/SCP server and client, DHCP client, PPP, PPPoE (ADSL), a web server, calculator, generic and GhostScript printer support, NFS, Fluxbox window manager, games, system monitoring apps, a host of command line tools, USB support, and pcmcia support, some wireless support. For more information check out the applications pages.

Straight from the front page.
There's also a [img=]Screenshot[/img] of an older version too, and if I'm not mistaken, they're still here.

Posted by duaux on June 18 2004,22:58
hey thanks for the reply...

but that only answers rdesktop, it doesnt seem to have a VPN client?

Posted by cbagger01 on June 19 2004,02:22
If you are looking for PPTP VPN support for DSL, be sure to enable apt so that you can install Debian Packages.

Here is a howto that may be of some help. I have not used it myself.

< >

Posted by sardiskan on Dec. 28 2005,14:04
This site says you need to add a module to your kernel called MPPE (Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption). This is a requirement for most PPTP vpn connections and if you install pptp-linux onto DSL without the MPPE module, you will not get connected. I have done some research and found that there is SUPPOSE to be something called "patch-kernel-mppe" which is suppose to patch your kernel with the module. Well it has not worked for me yet I'm still not getting connectivity. This site takes you through some sort of kernel recompile but you can't do that in DSL because there is no kernel source tree included in the distribution (otherwise you'd go over the 50Meg limit). If anyone has successfully implemented pptp-linux WITH encryption on their DSL box. Please be so kind as to share the secret with the rest of us.


Posted by roberts on Dec. 28 2005,16:59
Did he say the M word?

Full kernel sources are available for download.
The compiler is available as an extension download
You would have to set this on a regular hard drive install.
Let us know your progress.

Posted by mondes_engloutis on Nov. 21 2006,08:03
Did you manage to do pptp client on linux with MPPE ? I'm trying to do the same but I am confronted to the same problem as you ....


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