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Posted by TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit on Dec. 10 2005,14:09
Hello. I am Linux user since three years ago. I am also daily MS Windows user because my job.

When time ago I was introduced in Linux it was because I tried to use only freeware. I found very difficult at that time to use only freeware, because freeware apply not only to programs but to OS as well. Any new OS seemed difficult at the beggining and not all OSs fit in my needs.

I have been working in a personal 'project' to spread the use of freeware, named TTK="Teobromina Tool Kit".

The project has 'two parts', programs that are freeware and that run in MS Windows without installation (I name them 'RomSoft'), and programs that run without the need to use MS Windows at all.

The OS that I choose as alternative of MS Windows is DSL. My trial included more than a hundred 'live' Linux OSs, during about three years. Live Linux where also compared to installed Linux: All the Mandrake-Mandriva from 7.0 to 10, Red Hat form 6.0 to 10, Suse from 7 to 10 as well... With DSL you get an OS in graphical mode and with enough capability to do the same things I used to do in MS Windows, anywhere. This comes because it is a 'live' OS with the optional extensions that you can customise to your preferences: DSL is an OS that I can bring with me easily, and that boots, with my favourite programs in any computer.

DSL is at present the half of 'my' tool, TTK, that it is designed to work independently and to serve not only for daily use but when something is wrong with the computer.

I am publishin in my page some interesting experiences for those willing to be 'powered' by freeware, and I include some interesting links to freeware (and shareware).

The page started in Spanish, but I am presently making a parallel English version.

I will try to post news and goals related to freeware and to my project, here.

Thanks DSL we have a real 'live' alternative to proprietary OSs.




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