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Topic: Microsoft into free software???
started by: doobit

Posted by doobit on Dec. 15 2005,17:00
Posted by TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit on Dec. 18 2005,16:23
Hey doobit, I think it is a matter of bussiness policy. MS has to earn money, so they have to be where the market goes. Google is something 'free'... that attracts lot of money. If you are not in Google you are nobody.




Posted by AwPhuch on Dec. 19 2005,20:40
Hey good job on the TTK project!


Posted by TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit on Dec. 31 2005,15:47
Thank you AWPhuch.

I only intend to return (according to my knowledge) what I have received from other Linux and freeware users.




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