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started by: mikshaw

Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 13 2006,21:58
While flipping through the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine I saw an ad that instantly caught my eye. It was an advert for < M-Audio Podcast Factory > with a picture of their included software....software that is instantly recognizable as < Audacity >.  While they seem to make no mention of Audacity on their website, it's interesting to see GPL software having such a prominent role in commercial products (assuming, of course, that due credit is given....I hope this is the case).
Posted by ke4nt1 on Feb. 14 2006,16:03
I have been using your audacity builds with the alsa.dsl in DSL 1.5
for some time now..  

It works great with both Delta 1010 and Delta 66 soundcards
( M-Audio )   They are the only soundcards in my dual cpu
boxen here at the studio..  

I'm guessing the package you refer to is the M$ version.

Even without the low-latency kernel patches,
I get good results from this setup on my linux boxen as-is..


Posted by doobit on Feb. 14 2006,16:27
Avid has released some Linux drivers for the M-Audio firewire series that I would be interested in trying with DSL. I use the FW410 on my Windows machine at work with Audacity, and I love it. It would be awesome to get it going with a Linux box.
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