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started by: clivesay

Posted by clivesay on Mar. 01 2006,13:06
Here is a project hot off DW that boots full Knoppix in under 60 seconds. Might be interesting to some. I haven't timed DSL boot in a long time but maybe this technology can even speed up DSL boot time.

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Posted by pr0f3550r on Mar. 01 2006,13:36
My dsl iso boots in less than 60 seconds, but the project is interesting for all live distros, as many take 4-5 minutes to boot (have you tried Ubuntu live? I'm still waiting to boot...)
Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 01 2006,17:25
Been there, done that.

Actually, DSL user "Fordi" has tried a similar approach to speeding up the boot process for the DSL livecd.  I have not attempted to use it to do an optimization, but the general concept seems similar in nature to the Accelerated Knoppix concept:

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Posted by clivesay on Mar. 01 2006,18:05
CB always amazes me how he remembers these type of tidbits in the forum somewhere.

DSL is already fast to boot. It'll just be interesting to see what they came up with and if it would even have a bearing on a small fast distro like DSL. I read Fordi's post but never saw where anything was posted about the actual increase in performance.

Posted by MethodOne on Mar. 01 2006,18:43
The upcoming Ubuntu Dapper live CD will take less time to boot.  It goes right to loading and then the desktop.
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