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Topic: SimpleKDE
started by: AwPhuch

Posted by AwPhuch on Mar. 03 2006,03:19
What is SimpleKDE?
SimpleKDE is a GNU/GPL licensed, lightweight desktop environment for UNIX and UNIX based operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenSolaris. Shortly it provides a graphical user interface on top of UNIX shells. SimpleKDE is not written from scratch; in fact, it is a fork of well known, powerful desktop environment KDE. SimpleKDE, inherits the powerful features of its ancestor, but provides a more usable and faster environment. The project is currently maintained by Turkix Foundation; all other KDE developers , fans are welcome to join the development. SimpleKDE is in no way a competitor to KDE, but an unofficial, complementary sub-project, that shares its codebase with the community, according to GNU/GPL.

Seems cool...but get this the "light" version of kde is still freeking 47Megs!!!! YIKES!!!!

Check it out though..if you like kde this is for you!


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