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Topic: Distro for Hard Drive management
started by: doobit

Posted by doobit on April 17 2006,12:59
People often have trouble partitioning and formatting their hard drives using the basic Linux tools. This distro is interesting because it provides graphic tools for that purpose.

< http://sourceforge.net/project....=115843 >

Posted by torp on April 17 2006,13:46
Doobit, I just used knoppix to save my data from a winblows system. Thank god I was partioned in fat32 -vs- NTFS. I have ordered the knoppix 5 DVD with NTFS tools, so we will see how that will go. Also Sysrescuecd has a graphic version of qparted that runs in a small memory system.


Posted by piccolo on April 17 2006,14:17
Very interesting!! Tanks very much Doobit
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