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Topic: DSL-The Only One?
started by: Compuccino

Posted by Compuccino on May 07 2006,16:01

I was just wandering apart from DSL if there are any other linux distros, any size, that can run embedded on Windows.



Posted by desnotes on May 07 2006,17:40
If you mean running embedded by running using Qemu then almost all Live Linux distros will run embedded. However, the bigger a distro becomes (in size and also complexity) the slower it will run when using Qemu. If you install Qemu on your Windows computer you can test out any live distro (iso) and some experiementers have even installed OS (both linux and windows) on a virtual disk drive to run under Qemu.

For more inforamtion do a google search for qemu..


Posted by Compuccino on May 08 2006,15:58
Thanks, I have a few questions.

Do I just run Qemu and then run linux?
How can I quit from Linux?

I hope you can answer these,



Posted by desnotes on May 27 2006,00:23
I have a basic Qemu installation on my Windows desktop and laptop to try out new Linux distros. While the setup that DSL Embedded uses is optimum (IMHO), one can also run any linux live distro directly from the iso file. Once you install the Qemu windows version and start it, it will give you 5 choices, on of which is [I]SO/CD. Selecting that one will prompt you to type in the path and filename or drag-n-drop the file into the DOS window. Next you will be prompted if you want to boot wih ISO and you enter 'Y.' You will the be asked for the ame 5 choices above but also including an image file to be your virtual hard drive. Once you select a virtual hard drive, the boot process will start as if you had started your computer with a Linux LiveCD.

This is a quick summary so you should go over the Qemu manual or ask here if you have any additional questions.


Posted by pr0f3550r on May 27 2006,12:04
Compuccino, any standar qemu binary comes with two files: qemu-doc.html and qemu-tech.html. Read them religiously and you'll find all answers. It'll take months to appreciate all possible uses.

If you use qemu on windows, google: qemy windows, it'll take you to a japanese web site with all the possible windows binaries.

So far I have used about 15 different distros in qemu, the second best after dsl is Slavare, then big old Knoppix

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