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started by: chickenman

Posted by chickenman on June 06 2006,16:57
I am after a linux distro that will boot off a floppy disk (yes, preferably one disk, so not dsl...) that has the capacity to run a vnc session.

Is this possible or just cant you fit the correct video software on a single disk like that?

If you know of one please throw me a reply, or if you know why it will never work.

Anyway it would breathe some life back into the older computers around this place - they'd be rusting away by now if they weren't so nicely painted.

Posted by cbagger01 on June 06 2006,21:57
I know there is a linux 2 disk floppy xwindows distro out there.  In fact, I think that's the distro's name.

You could then put vnc on foppy disk #3

Posted by chickenman on June 07 2006,03:38
OK, well i really only wanted the single floppy thing because otherwise it's gonna take AGES to copy from a bunch of floppies - But 2-3 disks is probably allright.

However, how would i go about compliling a VNC client for a minimalist distro like that? (yes probably a n00b question)

In DSL you can allways just download gcc.dsl or whatever...

I cant just compile it on something completly diffrent and transfur it accross can I?, do I need to compile it at all?

Posted by cbagger01 on June 07 2006,21:45
You could compile it for the version of "libc" that is included with the distro or for an older version.  There are probably other dependency libraries too.

Maybe you can get a pre-compiled static binary of the vnc viewer and use it for your floppy.

For example, you might be able to steal the vncviewer binary from the DSL livecd, but ldd vncviewer shows a large number of dependencies. I suppose you could try and copy the dependent libraries too, but chances are it would be a failed effort.

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