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Topic: A Dillo related question
started by: nickelplated

Posted by nickelplated on Aug. 09 2006,05:24
Hey, maybe one of you can help me with this? You know how in the version of Dillo included in DSL there's that V at the top where you can click it and select your options? Well in the version of dillo I just installed on my other computer (0.8.6., on pclos) there's no place to select that options menu at all. I've spent a while looking at their FAQ, manual, and other documentation, and the only thing it mentions with regard to setting and altering normal everyday type settings like proxy stuff, colors, and fonts, is thru a text editor on its dillorc file, which seems pretty clunky compared to the version that comes with DSL. What's up with that?
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 09 2006,05:32
DSL's Dillo is not the official release.  I'm not sure if this is the same version, or if it has only a portion of the available patches applied:
< http://teki.jpn.ph/pc/software/index-e.shtml >

Posted by nickelplated on Aug. 09 2006,05:40
Then they purposefully left the menu out of the official release? Wow, that's pretty stupid. Thanks for the link mikshaw, I'm gonna use that version on my pclos system instead.
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 09 2006,13:44
Well...it's not so much they purposely left it out as they never had that feature in the first place.  The patches are written by other people not associated with the dillo project, and this site just happens to offer a patched version of Dillo.  Usually it seems that patches are either made available separately, or they are applied to the official package if the author wants them.
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