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started by: newsman

Posted by newsman on Sep. 10 2006,18:14
hey my background is electronics (hardware) /software (nesC, perl)

if i had option to choose a project relating to dsl...

can you guys think of one...

i am not sure currently whether i will be doing a phd or not,,, or which subject i will be doin if i decide to do it... i am in discussion with a lot of supervisors and lecturers from university in my county (and a lil beyound) to see if anything catches my eye

i might not start this september (already started) though.. i might deliberately wait till next september...

Posted by WDef on Sep. 16 2006,12:36
Have a look at issues of Linux Journal from before the (recently) new editor joined - late last year I think. The tone swung away from academia a bit then.

They highlighted quite a few linux-based, engineering-oriented projects involving PhD students, especially in the US Navy. Eg, there was a fascinating article by some naval engineers discussing how they had used bash and BusyBox to do *all* the communications data processing  for a military satellite eg they compressed data in a pipe using gzip before sending it up!

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