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Topic: Searching for a php board...
started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on Sep. 26 2006,20:03
I'd like to have as simple discussion board as the classic wwwboard but in php.
Basically only one area where to discuss. Lightweight. Must run with monkey + php. NoSQL req.
< > had such board once...

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 26 2006,21:59
I've heard good things about PunBB, although I have no experience with it.
< >
It requires a database, but sqlite will work

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 27 2006,00:28
Heh, I did set up a test forum that used PunBB that never went public, but from that experience I can tell you that the setup was very quick and easy, pretty secure (or so I hear), and that the interface was simple but easy to navigate.  The installation itself was compact enough, but I don't know how it holds on the db side.  If you want heavy modifications by downloading extensions or the like, this one might not be for you though.
Posted by Zucca on Sep. 27 2006,04:54
Best I could find was this: < >

But it's not like the old wwwboard. ;(

Posted by Zucca on Sep. 27 2006,09:30
Why I'm searching such lightweight and simple forum is because I'd like to add to it to my DSL server project.
Posted by Zucca on Sep. 27 2006,09:54
Aaaaand. I've found it! :D

It's named as MBoard and < here's > ans example of it.

It was JUST what I was looking for. I suggest this to everyone else who are looking simple, lightweight php messageboard without any database reqs.  :)

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