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Topic: Need a small distro for a crappy laptop
started by: SnoringFrog

Posted by SnoringFrog on Dec. 21 2009,21:01
My friend recently gave me an old laptop they didn't have any use for, so now I'm trying out what distro to put on there.

CPU Type: Pentium ® III
CPU Speed: 700MHz
RAM: 96mb

I've used DSL on other computers in the past (not very much though), but I'd like to try something new. Not sure what other small distros that are worth anything are out there though. So far I've lookedglanced at Xubuntu, Arch, and Tinycore, and I tried looking up some info about Firefly but didn't have much luck.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good distro to get some use out of this old laptop? I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I doubt being able to watch movies with it is likely, so maybe either a few random little games or music or just to experiment with a new distro on? At the least, some internet access would be nice.

Posted by u2musicmike on Dec. 28 2009,17:28
I still run DSL on my Compaq laptop which I think has about the same stats as yours.  It was a little tricky to get sound and wifi working at first.  Even with this slow laptop I can watch videos using Xine.  I like the fact that if you install DSL frugal the OS is read only.  Please let us know what distro you end up with.
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