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Topic: SymphonyOS
started by: green

Posted by green on Aug. 10 2005,03:36
Yes, i'm still a distro ho. At least I admint i have a problem.
Anyway, I've been playing around with SymphonyOS. The window manager on this thing is revolutionary. Think of the possibilities: Hand helds, touch screen, phones, desktop, kiosks, net cafe, grandparents, etc. It's worth a look. Much work needs to be done, but think about where it is headed.
It reminds me of the mindset that every PC needs a hard drive. That's just not the case. This window manager is like, "every PC does not need nested menus." I agree.

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check it out.

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 10 2005,04:10
Looked at that a few weeks ago. Hated the visuals...too much focus on icons.
Have to admit it's unique, though.

Posted by kopsis on Aug. 10 2005,12:09
Thanks for the link! I'll be watching this one very closely. Two things about it really intrique me. One is that the UI has actually put some serious thought into usability (rather than just blindly copying features from commercial desktops). The other is that they're planning to "componentize" the distro which is something I've been thinking about a lot lately so I'm really curious to see where they go with it. DSL of course offers a form of componentization with its extension systems, but at times it's really at odds with the way the base Debian system at its core wants things to work.
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