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started by: TheShadowMan

Posted by TheShadowMan on Aug. 17 2005,00:44
I need a linux chat software for the dsl livecd that will work with yahoo
can someone suggest something I can find nothing
Thank you

Posted by newOldUser on Aug. 17 2005,02:03
Click the MyDSL button in the GTK2 section you'll find Gaim.  It works with AOL, Yahoo and MSN at least for text chat. It doesn't do voice or video.  You'll need to get the GTK2 dsl first then the Gaim dsl.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 18 2005,17:46
Also, the regular Y! messenger is available in ymess.dsl
Posted by zubalove on Sep. 02 2005,17:50
I'm having trouble with gaim.

I've got a Pent mmx 166 with 80 megs of ram.

I run "update GTK" (nothing really happens) and then I hit gaim, and then nothing.  Have I missed something?

Does Miranda work better?

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