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Topic: Unbelievably Damn Small Linux
started by: cramberry

Posted by cramberry on Sep. 20 2005,04:08
Hello everyone,

I'm looking into building an even smaller distro than DSL. All I need is a browser running full screen with an embedded Flash app  and the option to an install on the hard drive. I like the way DSL is setup but it looks like I'd have to do a serious search and destroy to remove the applications, libs and support files that I don't want. Would I better off starting with Knoppix and using dpkg to remove the apps I don't want or do you recommend sticking with DSL?


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 20 2005,04:17
Movin' this out of the DSL support sections, bub.

Forgot to make it leave a pointer from the old spot, so -_-.

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Sep. 20 2005,14:33
Check out KioskCD.  It is based on DSL and sounds like what you need.  http://kioskcd.com/
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