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Topic: Barbie has her own distro!
started by: MethodOne

Posted by MethodOne on Sep. 28 2005,00:46
The infamous Barbie doll now has her own Linux distro!

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Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Sep. 28 2005,15:59
That is actaully a really good idea.  A fully functional, low-priced laptop for kids that stears them away from Micro$oft and shows them how a computer actually works in a way they care about!  Unfortunately, it's not real. (I had to edit this post because I thought it was real too).

From DistroWatch:
"On BarbieOS

   * "Do you know a link to this beta? It's on news sites but the Mattel and Barbie sites have no download links. The PR says it's Debian based. It's Beta .99. Thanks."

It is hard to believe how many people got caught by a fictitious story about the imminent release of BarbieOS, a Debian-based Linux distribution for adolescent girls. Let's spell it out clearly once and for all: it's a joke, guys! There is no such thing as "BarbieOS" or "Barbie Linux" and you certainly cannot download it, so please stop looking for it. Nevertheless, it's a great story and we have added the link to our Fun Distributions page."

It just doesn't make since that they would use Linux and still keep the price down.  According to Micro$oft, Linux actually cost more than Window$.  :p

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