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started by: holdenight

Posted by holdenight on Oct. 23 2005,01:45
Hey this is my second post. I'll just start by saying I'm not just an idiot that found linux. I've just been babied by microsoft. I'm look ing for a  tutorial on the basics of linux more exactly DS. i used dos at one point in time but i can't get the hang of the linux thing. well i can't even think of what it's called right now. but I really need something to help me get started. like i said I'm not stupid about computers.I have an A+ certification and placed third in state in computer science.... I'm just a poor microsoft sell-out who wants to learn something different. well thax in advance for your help. oh and before i forget what is the difference in DSL abd Embedded DSL?
Posted by doobit on Oct. 23 2005,02:15
Since you already have your A+, you should check out the Linux+ study guide by Roderick W. Smith. That would likely answer most of your questions. DSL is a pretty traditional Debian/Knoppix based Linux distribution with the emphasis on small.  Embedded means you can run it within another OS. , like Wyndowz.
Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 23 2005,03:05 is a good place to start
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