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Topic: Ibiblio deleted DSL????
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on April 10 2007,15:27
There is no more damnsmall dir in distributions directory.......
Is it true?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 10 2007,18:14
It seems it's not there... < http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/ >
This would be bad news for me if this is permanent, as I've always used the ibiblio mirror.

Posted by Kiaas on April 10 2007,22:51
what other mirrors are there? o.o;;
Nvm :/

Posted by mikshaw on April 10 2007,23:21
It may also mean having to change some defaults in the DSL distribution, such as the default mydsl mirror
Posted by dcrowder32 on April 10 2007,23:27
works for me...
< http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/DamnSmallLinux/mydsl >

Posted by mikshaw on April 11 2007,00:06
That's not ibiblio, sillyhead.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 11 2007,04:02
There are problems with those subsection links on that mirror, they all point to ibiblio, which won't work now of course.  You have to manually cut+paste the url to see the other pages.
Posted by mikshaw on April 11 2007,13:10
Holy crap...that's not much of a mirror, is it....
It's kinda like helping your mom with the housework and calling it "employment"

EDIT: my bad....it ws just the links themselves...the subsections actually do exist =o)

Posted by roberts on April 11 2007,16:40
We are still waiting on word from ibiblio.

By my direct login, I can tell that they changed servers.
Many distributions were hosted on an internal server named bunsen and that server is no longer on line and has been replaced with one by the name of jungle. This new server has very few distributions (see previous post).

This affects many distributions and not just DSL. We have had previous experiences with ibiblio in the past and things were eventually cleared up.

In the meantime, please use  Select Mirror and try another site. Select Mirror can be found in the DSLpanel.

Posted by roberts on April 12 2007,05:38
A response from ibiblio...
< http://lists.ibiblio.org/piperma....74.html >

Posted by roberts on April 13 2007,18:41
Just to share an update...

Our project's directory has been recreated by the staff at ibiblio.

However, it is empty.  

I am in the process of restoring all the extensions. I keep an local copy. Extensions are going on first then the isos.

Between John and I doing this task we should be back up on ibiblio soon.

Please continue to use a mirror site until we post that we have completed this restoration task and that we are back online at ibiblio.


Posted by roberts on April 14 2007,15:11
We are back online at ibiblio.
Posted by jpeters on April 14 2007,16:45
Posted by Kiaas on April 18 2007,05:25
Quote (dcrowder32 @ April 10 2007,19:27)
works for me...
< http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/DamnSmallLinux/mydsl >

which can mean only one thing! they put it back up.
EDIT: heh, should have looked more carefully to see if other pages had appeared before posting. Didn't see them on this monitor.

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