5 years is a long time.

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Topic: 5 years is a long time.
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Dec. 04 2008,19:10
I have given this project 5 years.
I have implemented many of my original ideas and many, many, and frequent releases.
I have grown to know many in the community both personally and remotely.
But it is time to say goodbye.

I leave knowing that I did my best and leave this project with a very polished final release. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to return to the Linux community, a tiny contribution, compared to all that Linux, Open Source, and developers all around the globe have contributed to the cause.

-- Robert Shingledecker

Logout 12/04/08

Posted by kerry on Dec. 04 2008,20:28
:(  OMG, but your the man!
i'll miss you, takecare of yourself.  :D

Posted by John on Dec. 05 2008,03:02
Goodbye Robert, as a developer you have been top-notch.
Posted by Juanito on Dec. 05 2008,07:25
This is a real pity...

@John - it would be interesting to know what your long term plans for dsl are

Posted by kuky on Dec. 05 2008,08:55
...to leave is allways a sweet sorrow...

kuky shakespeare

thanks roberts

Posted by sankarv on Dec. 05 2008,14:24
kudos to roberts...


thanks a ton for being here along all this time...

wish you a successful future....

Posted by newOldUser on Dec. 05 2008,18:16
Thank you Robert for all you've done. Not only for myself but for the entire Linux community.
DSL was my first real try at Linux and you made it easy and enjoyable to use.

You've done a great job.


Posted by WDef on Dec. 06 2008,22:59
I echo the sentiments already expressed.  Thanks for everything Robert.  

It's a pity things have come to this, and I for one would like to have seen another outcome, but I respect your decision.  It may well be for the better of all concerned, we shall see.  Perhaps it is just another stage in your professional development and that of dsl.

dsl has played a critical part in my interest in Linux.  It's fair to say that, without dsl, I probably would not have become interested in linux at all. I dare say the same goes for many hundreds of other users.  And dsl would not have been dsl without many of the facets that you developed, from the elaboration of a simple idea of  CBagger1's into a n extension system, to uci's, to uncs, to backup/restore,.... well, it goes on and on.

Posted by webeye on Dec. 07 2008,19:21
Thank you for everything Robert, and I am so glad to have your Book!
Posted by stunix*com on Dec. 09 2008,00:07
a tragedy indeed.  

Robert, I guess you are looking to the future with the knowledge that you have helped to create something wonderful which will still be around and in use for many years to come.  

I can only hope you keep up the good work and I will be checking your site regularly.


Posted by mr sparks on Dec. 15 2008,20:30
Many thanks for your contributions to a Mighty-Mini-Linux

(Small is Beautiful )   :(

Posted by humpty on Dec. 19 2008,22:21
Many Thanks.
I have learned much from you.

Posted by green on Dec. 29 2008,01:01
I am shocked and confused.

I respect your decisions and thank you for all your work.

DSL has always been there for me when I needed it and so has this community.

You will be missed.

Posted by emusan on Dec. 29 2008,02:15
Thank you Roberts, I never got to know you, and I guess I never will, but thanks for the great distro anyway.
Posted by 300c_pilot on Dec. 31 2008,06:32
Well I will echo the replys of the others and only add a Thank You for everything. I will miss this place and your devotion to this wonderful Distro.
Posted by faroutscience on Mar. 16 2009,16:33
I am so saturated with graduate school and teaching that I am learning this news late. :(

DSL has always been a welcome alternative to the large distros. I am a minimalist at heart. John and DSL introduced me to the mini-ITX format.

Live long and prosper!

73, Jeff

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